About The Pre-School

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage is based around four key themes:

    • A Unique Child
      We are inclusive – all children learning together regardless of differences such as age, ethnicity, gender and attainment.
    • Positive Relationships
      We have a dedicated key person for each child who builds warm, trusting relationships with them and their family.
    • Enabling Environments
      We provide a safe and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment for the children and activities are planned and tailored to children’s current interests, development and learning.
    • Learning and Development
      The staff work hard to engage and support children through physical and mental challenges and in active learning through their play.

We provide children with choice and free access to a variety of resources and activities which support their learning and development.

A Typical Day...

We keep the routine flexible and exciting which ensures that no two days are the same, however in order to ensure a balance of adult and child led activity and to ensure opportunities for learning we do have a loose structure to the day…

8.00am Pre-School opens. Staff working today are all available to settle children, talk to parents and family members and ensure the interests and needs of each child are being met by the Pre-School environment.
9:00am Children are free to choose their own activities during this time or can choose to join in with the structured activities on offer.
9:30am Registration. All children are invited to join together to say hello to everybody and engage in some singing or a game as a whole group.
9:40am Children are free to engage in activities of their own choosing or to engage in the adult-led activities on offer. The door is open and the children are free to move between the indoor and outdoor environments.
10:00-10:30am Staff discretely engage their key children in activities which have been specially planned to meet the next steps or interests of the individual child. Each child will be offered at least one activity a week that has been planned specially for them by their key person.
10:30-11:15am Snack is available. Children are free to choose when/if they wish to join in with snack but are encouraged to participate. This is an opportunity for children to learn table manners and important skills such as how to pour their own drinks and prepare their own fruit. During this activity staff encourage discussion between children and can often provide opportunities to practice skills such as counting, reading and singing as they talk with them.
11:15-11:30am Children are engaged in an adult-led activity, often something messy or physical.
11:30-12:00noon Children given opportunities to play games or toys of their own choosing, indoors or outdoors and with close adult interaction and support.
12:00-13:00pm Lunch club. Children all sit together to enjoy their packed lunches in the company of their friends and the staff members. Discussion around the table is encouraged and then calm activities are offered for children once they have finished eating.
13:00-15:00pm Our new afternoon sessions are a real opportunity for us to enjoy some very special activities with low child to adult ratio’s. Typically children are engaged in activities such as den building in the woods, swimming, cooking, music lead by a professional or building sculptures using large scale natural resources.
15:00-18:00pm New later opening  hours (Tues-Thurs) available, Please ask for details